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Security Committee Volunteer Opportunities – Staying Connected

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By Joanie Fraver:

SecurityI’ve always thought that one of the best aspects of life in Corn Hill is that the community is so well connected. It’s easy to get to know one’s neighbors, and it is easy to connect to others – through the Corn Hill Neighbors Association, neighborhood social events, work on committees, and participation in the Festival and Holiday House Tour events. Statistics show that neighborhoods in which people know each other, watch each other’s property and report crimes quickly – in other words, connected neighborhoods – have a significantly decreased frequency of criminal activity.

A great way to keep us connected as neighbors is through Neighborhood Watch, which includes our block captain program. This program helps to reduce crime by increasing our awareness through an organized system of information and reporting of criminal activity. Our block captains set up an email address system of neighbors on their blocks and distribute the neighborhood crime statistics at the beginning of each month upon receiving them from our Neighborhood Watch coordinator.

Block captains, along with the chair of Security, also serve as contacts for any safety concerns in our community. These concerns can then be shared with the Rochester Police Department when appropriate.

Block captains help gather important contact information, promote our National Night Out event each August, and notify the CHNA office of addresses of new neighbors that need a Corn Hill welcome packet, which helps new neighbors become familiar with the Neighbors Association and our website, introduce neighbors to the Gazette newspaper, and inform them of the availability of motion light detectors and steering wheel lock-clubs through the Security Committee.

If you are not sure who your block captain is, you may contact the Security team at [email protected], and we will put you in touch with that person. If there is no block captain for your street we can get you on a list of another Block Captain so that you also may receive the monthly crime report. The goal is to have the entire neighborhood covered.

At the present time, we do have some “open” block captain positions:

  • Troup Street from Eagle Street to South Fitzhugh
  • Clarissa Street from Waverly Street to Adams Street
  • Clarissa Street from Grieg Street to Hubbell Park
  • South Fitzhugh Street from Hubbell Park to Edinburgh Street
  • Santiago Street from Grieg Street to Clarissa Street
  • Atkinson Street from South Washington Street to Plymouth Avenue
  • Atkinson Court
  • South Washington Street
  • Tremont Circle
  • Tubman Way
  • Grieg Street

If you live on one of those streets and would like to volunteer as a block captain, please let us know! This is a great way to be a good neighbor, and it is not a difficult volunteer effort.

Remember, if you want to know who your block captain is, if you want to volunteer as a block captain, or if you want to report or share security and safety concerns, contact us at [email protected].