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Register Your Mobile Phone to Receive Emergency Alerts

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hyper reachSeptember was National Preparedness Month, and the Corn Hill Security Committee is encouraging Corn Hill residents to register their mobile telephones to receive emergency alerts from the 911 Center.

The 911 Center uses the Hyper-Reach emergency telephone notification system. Hyper-Reach allows the 911 Center to quickly send a recorded message to telephones in specific areas and alert residents to any emergency situations that may require immediate action. It delivers critical information to residents and provides guidance on what precautions need to be taken by residents during and after the incident.

All hard-wired telephones in Monroe County are automatically listed to receive these alerts. However, there is no central registry of mobile telephones, so individuals need to register them in order to receive the alerts.

To register a mobile telephone to receive Hyper-Reach notifications, go to and follow the Hyper-Reach registration link. Registration takes only takes a minute and all information is kept confidential. Users have the option of receiving an audio message, text message or both along with an email alert. If a user moves, they can use the same method to update their address.