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Recap of the Corn Hill Charrette by Janet Mlinar

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Corn Hill CharretteSaturday, September 24th was a landmark day for our Historic Corn Hill Neighborhood. A huge enthusiastic turnout of neighbors came together at One Favor Street to engage in a neighborhood Charrette with members of the Rochester Regional Community Design Center (RRCDC). Bonny Mayer gave an audio visual presentation of the History of Corn Hill. Photos, facts and figures. She had it all. Thank you Bonny for all of your leadership in making the Charrette a reality.

Participants broke up into working groups, toured sections of Corn Hill and noted issues and ideas to pursue further.

Each group was fortunate to have three facilitators from the RRCDC who were exceptionally astute, organized and talented. They were superb.

After working in teams and making colored drawings on huge Corn Hill maps, the groups were given five minutes to present their thoughts.

Today marked the beginning of a turning point for the Corn Hill neighborhood. An exciting positive event took place; The Corn Hill Charrette. Thank you Corn Hill Neighbors.

Stay tuned to this website for ongoing Corn Hill Charrette updates, and remember to post your thoughts, ideas and feedback. The actual Charrette was a one day event but planning and implementation will continue on for years.

Photos and Post submitted by Janet Mlinar of Edinburgh St.