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Preservation Rehab Loan

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A Home Improvement Loan Program for Homeowners
in City of Rochester Preservation Districts

Landmark Society 75 Years LogoThe Landmark Society of Western New York and NeighborWorks® Rochester are partnering to help homeowners in City of Rochester Preservation Districts make exterior and interior home improvements by offering construction management services and loans to those who qualify.

The Landmark Society will provide preservation oriented construction management services that include: developing a work plan and rehab specifications, assisting the property owner through the Preservation District Certificate of Appropriateness process, identifying a contractor, as well as support monitoring the construction phase.

The low-interest loans are being offered through NeighborWorks® Rochester. There are no income requirements that homeowners would need to meet to be considered for a Preservation Rehab Loan. NeighborWorks® Rochester will also help interested homeowners ap-ply for a free energy audit through NYSERDA’s Green Jobs Green New York (GJGNY) program. GJGNY energy audits are free to house-holds making less than $137,000.

Who qualifies?NeighborWorks Rochester

There are no income restrictions to be eligible for this home improvement loan program.
Your property must: Be located in a City of Rochester Preservation District. Be owner occupied. Contain a maximum of four residential units.

Contact The Landmark Society to determine if your property is located in a Preservation District. 

Larry Francer
Associate Director of Preservation
[email protected]
585.546.7029 x14

Caitlin Meives 
Preservation Planner
[email protected]
585.546.7029 x27

NeighborWorks® Rochester
570 South Avenue Rochester, NY 14620
(585) 325-4170
Fax (585) 325-2587
[email protected]

The Landmark Society of Western New York
133 South Fitzhugh St. Rochester, NY 14608
(585) 546-7029
Fax (585) 546-4788
[email protected]