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Corn Hill Mourns the Loss of Officer Manuel (Manny) Ortiz

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Manny Ortiz

Left to right: Officer Manny Ortiz, Carolyn Hill, Pete Fraver, Glenn Salmonsen, Steven Hill during a recent PAC-TAC bike training. Photo: Joanie Fraver

Corn Hill mourns the loss of Officer Manuel (Manny) Ortiz of the Rochester Police Department. Officer Ortiz died November 2, 2019. He was 52 years old and a 22-year veteran of the RPD. Manny was the Crime Prevention Officer assigned to Corn Hill. He was a great friend to us, assisting with the PAC-TAC program, security committee meetings, and security and safety issues as they arose in the neighborhood. He was the embodiment of community policing; completely invested in the safety and security of each of us. He will be sorely missed.