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National Night Out in Corn Hill – 2017

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national night out 2017The Corn Hill Neighborhood Block Captain system has been in place for many years to help neighbors stay connected to Corn Hill news, events, and security concerns.

The Security Committee keeps a list of active Block Captains, who are typically responsible for an entire street or a section of a street. The responsibilities have morphed over the year, but all of the Block Captains’ roles center around being the conduit from their neighbors to the rest of the Association.

One of the most prominent events for Block Captain participation has been the National Night Out. This annual event promotes neighborhood camaraderie and police-citizen partnerships which help make our streets more enjoyable and safer places to live.

Corn Hill, as it has for the past few years, will be celebrating National Night Out this summer with a large Ice Cream Social at the Lunsford Circle Park gazebo. In addition to relying on Block Captains to help spread the word, Captains are also given the opportunity to host a National Night Out “pre-party” specific to their own block or street. This offers a more intimate setting to meet or re-connect with the closest neighbors prior to the entire Corn Hill community meeting at the gazebo. This year’s event will be held on Tuesday, August 1st.

In addition to the National Night Out responsibilities, Block Captains
are asked to:

  • Keep an ongoing list of their block’s neighbors, addresses, and emails – Some neighbors choose to live more private lives and prefer not to exchange information. However most are at least willing to provide an email address, especially in this digital age.
  • Distribute the monthly neighborhood crime stats – A member of the Security Committee will pass along the parsed-down neighborhood crime report, which helps identify trends or areas that are potentially being targeted by thieves.
  • Participate in as many social, security, or other neighborhood events as possible
  • They should be willing to meet and engage their neighbors in order to establish a rapport of trust and neighborly awareness.
  • Notify the Corn Hill office of new neighbors on their block. The Social Committee has, in the past, handed out Welcome Baskets to new neighbors. This allows the new Corn Hill residents to form an immediate connection with the neighborhood and the Association. Block Captains should also try to inform the Corn Hill office or the Gazette staff of any major life events amongst their neighbors. Many people enjoy seeing their graduations, weddings, professional achievements, or other events recognized in the Gazette. This should typically be verified with the neighbor in order to obtain their permission.

There are still many streets which are not covered by a Block Captain. Neighbors who are interested in potentially becoming a Block Captain should contact the Security Committee at [email protected]. Neighbors who simply would like to be added to their respective Block Captain’s contact list should also contact the Security Committee.