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MS ROC the Ride Bike Tour Will Include Corn Hill

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BikeMS Corn Hill RochesterThe inaugural MS “ROC the Ride Bike Tour” will include Corn Hill. CHNA Historian Bonny Mayer will greet participating bicyclists at noon in the gazebo at Lunsford Circle Park on Sunday, September 7 to offer neighborhood history and information regarding our Historic Wellness Trail.

ROC the Ride’s start and finish location is in Genesee Vally Park at 133 Elmwood Avenue. It is anew, one-day, Rochester-centric ride that brings you by some of Rochester’s points of interest and gives a fresh look at some interesting spots around the city. The 15 mile Tour of ROC ride for Bike MS is totally different from the usual bicycling event. You won’t be continually riding – it is a tour of the city. This is a ride for people who don’t usually do charity rides. You don’t have to be an athlete, wear bike clothing, know how to follow a bike route, have a fancy bike, or have a lot of experience. This is really an opportunity for people to take an organized, sponsored, guided, informative tour of their community, to make a modest donation to a worthwhile charity by doing so, and to come away with the impression: “WOW! I learned that …, I never knew that. And, you know what, I did it on my BIKE and it was FUN!”

There are 8 stops on the tour; there will be a historian at each stop to give information — it’s amazing how many connections there are between these locations and bicycles. It sounds really fun. We are estimating the ride will be about 3 hours total. And there will be separate groups leaving the park. Each group will have 10 riders, a ride leader and a ride “sweep” (total of 12 people in each group). The sweep makes sure no one is left behind. There are only a few miles between each stop. The historian will not begin until all riders in the group have arrived. The stops are:

  1. Mt Hope Cemetery – ride past gravesites of the Rochesterians who made our city great.
  2. Highland Park Arboretum – Our parks include designs by Frederick Law Olmstead and provided nearby bike destinations for recreation
  3. Cobbs Hill — Rochester City Water bureau and the historic Rochester water system (don’t worry, not climbing the big hill!)
  4. George Eastman House — (George Eastman was an avid cyclist and a bicycle commuter whenever the weather was good!)
  5. Wall Therapy artists / Rochester Public Market — this will be an official rest stop with snacks and public restrooms
  6. RG&E Water Power on the Genesee — High Falls at the Pont Du Rennes bridge
  7. Susan B. Anthony House – the bicycle and empowerment during the Women’s Rights movement in the 19th century
  8. Corn Hill neighborhood – Rochester’s first and most historic residential neighborhood

In addition to the Tour of ROC, several other routes for all cycling abilities allow you to choose the ride that challenges or inspires you! Options include a 30-mile cruise along the Rochester waterway paths; a 45-mile trail ride through the Genesee River Trail, Lehigh Valley Trail, Auburn Trail and more; and a metric century and century ride along the beautiful lakeshore. Each route is fully supported so whichever ROC the Ride route you choose, you will be sure to have a wonderful ride while helping your friends and neighbors who live with the challenges of MS. Register today!

The ride is fully supported with catered rest stops, bike mechanics, full meals and support vehicles. Invite your family and friends to cheer as you cross the finish line, and then enjoy a wonderful afternoon celebration with great food, music, adult beverages, messages, and fun! Bike MS will take you further than you’ve ever gone before. It’s not the miles that matter — it’s the unforgettable journey. Join us for an event that’s more than a ride — it’s anticipation, camaraderie, personal accomplishment, and the knowledge that you’re changing lives…making every mile that much sweeter.

Registration Fee: $25,
Fundraising Minimum: $250,
Route Options: 100 miles, 62 miles, 45 miles, 30 miles, and 15 mile tour,
Age Minimum: 12,
Event Manager: Katie Wells
Email: [email protected],
Phone: 518-464-0850,
Tour of ROC organizer: Scott Wagner
Email: [email protected],
Phone: 585-880-7643