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Monarch Butterflies

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Photos and this post submitted by Janet Mlinar of Edinburgh St.

Hopefully neighbors will have time to relax and enjoy Corn Hill’s Natural beauty over the Labor Day weekend. It is the time of year to admire the amazing Monarch Butterflies as they head South for the Winter. If you see Sunflowers and/or a bushy plant aptly called the Butterfly Bush (Buddleja davidii), you will undoubtedly see some Monarchs feeding.

Monarch Butterfly

Michael Barnes and his friend Margaret Soroka have a raised garden on Adams Street at Avery Mall. They had the butterflies visiting their Sunflowers recently.

The Purple flowers of the Butterfly Bush are from the McClary’s garden on Edinburgh Street.

Keep your eyes on these flowers and enjoy this end of summer show we are so fortunate to have occurring right in our own beautiful Corn Hill Neighborhood.

Happy Labor Day weekend and Welcome to September and all the new changes it will undoubtedly bring our way.