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Mayor Warren Unveils Adopt-A-Hydrant on Corn Hill Street

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Rochester Adopt-a-hydrant Program

December 6, on Greenwood Street, Mayor Lovely A. Warren announced that the City has launched “Adopt-A-Hydrant,” a new tool to encourage citizens to play an active role in snow removal and clearing operations in their neighborhood or near their business.

Rochester’s Adopt-A-Hydrant is based on a plan already underway in Corn Hill. Our very own Barbara Kennedy of Greenwood Street was highlighted on WHEC news for her role in participating in this program. When asked why this snow removal is important, she responded, “I feel it’s pretty important that the fire people are able to put out the fire rather than shovel out the snow first.”

“When you walk down the street after a heavy snow and you see hydrants that have been shoveled out and sidewalks that have been cleared, you see a neighborhood whose residents care about their neighborhood and their neighbors,” said Mayor Warren.” This program provides the motivation to sign up for/adopt a hydrant to shovel to accomplish that goal.

The Mayor also announced the designation of 65 parking emergency streets, where on-street parking will be prohibited when a parking emergency is declared. Signs have been posted on those streets. Free parking will be provided for the residents at the Mortimer Street Parking Garage and Rochester Transit Service will provide free service between the garage and the affected streets.

— Please note that South Washington Street is the only street in Corn Hill with this designation —

The City-County 911 Call Center will notify residents of these streets when a Parking Emergency has been declared. Residents who do not have a landline telephone should be sure to register their mobile phone number with 911.

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Please note: Corn Hill will use the city’s new Adopt-A-Hydrant program and not the one that’s been on the Corn Hill Website in past years.