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Lifespan Café at Sibley Square

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lifespan cafe group shotDid you know that located on the first floor of Sibley Square, at 25 Franklin St, is a café catering to those who are over 60?

It is the “Lifespan Café at Sibley Square”. The café serves hot breakfast and lunch and offers many different opportunities for socialization and learning.

We have something for everyone to participate in:

  • Cultural activities
  • Shopping trips
  • Playing games
  • Educational opportunities
  • Making new friends
  • Exercise, tai-chi, and the like
  • Artistic endeavors
  • Musical experiences
  • Parties
  • Book Clubs

We are also in the planning stages of forming the “Café Council”. This will be an opportunity for members to shape the activities and programming of the café.

We are open Monday-Friday from 8:30-4:00.

Breakfast is served 8:45-10:30 and lunch is served daily at 12:00.

We’d love to meet Corn Hill neighbors!