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Introducing the new Corn Hill Arts Festival Branding!

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Corn Hill Arts FestivalIn preparation for this summer’s 50th annual Corn Hill Arts Festival, the arts festival committee is proud to announce the new branding for this and future festivals.

Our committee met with our media partner, Archer Communications for several sessions in September and October to decide on the new logo and tag line. We felt that it was important to update our imagery and message.

The committee reviewed multiple designs before deciding on the finished product. The core of our brand is a stylized version of our iconic gazebo, the center of our festival and our neighborhood social events. The green circle behind the gazebo represents the foliage that shades Lunsford Circle. The orange color of “corn HILL” represents the warmth of summer weather that we usually enjoy during the arts festival.

The brand was designed in both vertical and horizontal formats to allow it to be correctly displayed in all forms of media presentations. The brand is flexible, which will allow us to add/remove specific elements as needed. The annual number, dates, and presenting sponsor, can all be easily customized to meet the needs of future arts festivals.

As part of the branding, the committee created a tag line that will be used in our promotional materials and on social media. A tag line is a short, memorable description used to convey the impression that we wish to convey to our audience. Our new tag line is Come for the art. Stay for it all!. We believe that this tag line represents all of the activities that take place during the arts festival. While art is the primary focus of the festival, music, food, children’s activities and more are a vital part of the show.

You will begin to see our new branding and tag line on our advertising promotions and on our social media sites. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to “Like” our Facebook page at CornHillArtsFestival and share posts to help in spreading news of our event.

We look forward to an exciting 50th anniversary celebration on July 14 & 15, 2018!

Joe Arena