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Genesee Valley Little League Baseball Is Coming Back

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Genesee Valley Little League

Photo by cozz20_1,

Genesee Valley Little League baseball is reforming to be bigger and better. GVLL was chartered to the 19th ward in 1954. In the last decade or so it has seen steady erosion and in 2012 did not re-charter.

A small number of us have found this unacceptable are working to revive GVLL. The new GVLL will encompass the southwest quadrant of the city of Rochester thereby increasing opportunity for youth in this quadrant to play Little League baseball and expanding GVLL’s ability to recruit adult leadership and sponsors from a broader base of neighborhoods. Our home fields of play are Genesee Valley Park. To re-start the league we are targeting the ages of 5 to 9 years old.

Registration Schedule

  • In September early registration notifications will go into all southwest quadrant elementary schools and charter schools.
  • In December online registration will begin.
  • In January and February of 2013 walk up registration for all players will be held at several locations in the southwest. Adams St. recreation center will be one of the sites. As a parent or guardian if you have a child you would like your see playing baseball then please sign up your kid.

Get Involved

If you’d like to lend a hand we presently have the positions of vice president, secretary and treasurer that need immediate filling. These positions are temporary until we hold board elections in March 2013. Spread the word; Genesee Valley Little League is coming back!

For more information please contact:

Lawrence Floyd, Jr . – 328-3768, [email protected]
Reggie Smith – 929-7014.

You may also leave a message at Aenon Baptist Church, 436-0990.