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sound the alarm save a lifeIn conjunction with fire departments, corporate and non-profit partners, and government officials, the The Greater Rochester Chapter of the American Red Cross will be installing FREE SMOKE ALARMS and providing fire education steps in the Greater Rochester community and surrounding areas on Saturday April 27th.

The goal is to install 850 smoke detectors into people’s homes across Monroe, Livingston and Ontario County!

ALL households are eligible for up to three (3) FREE smoke alarms regardless of household size, income, or location.

How does it work??

  1. Schedule an appointment by calling 585-241-4390 Or email the American Red Cross at [email protected].
  2. Once you have your time scheduled, a team of Red Cross volunteers will come to your home on April 27th with Smoke Alarms and Batteries. They will test your current alarms and replace them with new ones if needed.
  3. During installation, Red Cross volunteers and staff will help your family develop a fire escape plan and establish yearly fire drills.

Since 2014, the American Red Cross has installed over 5,000 smoke alarms and have made 2000 homes safer in the Greater Rochester community!