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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Garden Consulting and Assistance from Cornell Extension

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UPDATE 4/24/2018:

Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for responding so enthusiastically to our recent survey. Forty residents from across the neighborhood expressed interest in participating in the program, with eight reporting they’d ‘absolutely’ be willing to serve as block leaders.

Unfortunately, we’ve learned that Blocks in Bloom has already committed to 15 projects around the city for this spring, so our participation will have to wait a year.

Still, we are encouraged by the show of interest. Master Gardener Kathy Lewis, the point person for Blocks in Bloom and a neighbor in the South Wedge, has offered to visit with Corn Hill residents at a meeting sometime in September to describe how their program works, and discuss ways we can participate in or adapt the program for our needs and interests.

In the meantime, enjoy the emerging spring, the summer Arts Festival, and stay turned for a date and time for our meeting with Kathy!

Pat Gately,
Beautification Committee, CHNA

Dear Neighbors,

We have been offered a wonderful opportunity to have our front yards filled with flowers, courtesy of a program from Cornell Extension. If you are interested in having a Master Gardener visit your yard, make recommendations, and then arrange for flowers to be brought to you (all free!) and your neighbors, please let us know by filling out the survey below.

Happy Spring!
The CHNA Beautification Committee

Fill out the survey here ->