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Flora of Corn Hill

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by Janet Mlinar of Edinburgh St.

Spring Flowers in March

Blue CrocusSpring heralds the anticipation of flowers that will be in bloom in the Corn Hill Neighborhood. This year we had a remarkable month in March. Many of our early Spring flowers blossomed earlier than expected.

The first early frost in March took it’s toll on a few Magnolia trees but thankfully not all of them. Other delicate plants were also effected; but most weathered the frost successfully.

Flora of Corn Hill Photo Gallery

Crown ImperialTo celebrate the Floral beauty of our neighborhood we have started another Gallery under Photos on the Corn Hill web site. It is “Flora of Corn Hill” In the next few months we will see some spectacular flowers in Gardens, in some very interesting alley-ways, and in our public spaces. The people who work diligently to provide theses displays are tenants and homeowners alike. We look forward to having neighbors send in their digital photos of Flowers. They will be displayed on the Flora of Corn Hill Gallery for all of our neighbors and visitors to the web site to enjoy.

Please Contribute Your Flora Photos

DahliaThis is a project that will be ongoing through out the year. For the time being please send any digital large resolution images to [email protected]. Please, if possible, mention the name of the flower in the title of your e-mail.

Thanks to the web master Brian Bigda for providing this new Gallery.

You can visit the Flora of Corn Hill photo gallery, here.