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Fire Destroys One of Corn Hill’s Oldest Homes

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On the afternoon of May 25, neighbors gathered around 252 South Plymouth Avenue to bid a sad farewell to one of Corn Hill’s oldest homes. Earlier that day, came word that firemen had been called to the site so everyone knew the building was under threat. Few were prepared for the announcement that the walls were so unstable that demolition was about to begin.

This is a neighborhood where we prize older homes that have lined our streets for so many years. That made it especially alarming to see how quickly the still moldering structure came down. As a giant claw ripped at its walls, bricks that had been laid in place for almost 150 years ago quickly cascaded into a pile of rubble.

Built in the early 1870s, the Rowley-Frost house, as it was known, had been on the 2014 Holiday Tour of Homes.