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Eat Out in Corn Hill – Mi Barrio Burrito Place

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The first things you notice when you walk into Mi Barrio at 319 Exchange Blvd., are the bright colors and the wonderful aroma. It’s a real taste of Mexico right here in Corn Hill.

Owner Arturo Martinez began cooking at the age of eight in the small Mexican town where he grew up. He moved to Mexico City and spent 22 years working at a bakery, learning the traditional techniques and recipes used by the older generations.

Moving to the United States in 2004, he opened his first restaurant, Paola’s Burrito Place on South Avenue. In 2010, he moved to Culver Rd. But in 2015 he closed the restaurant and moved to San Antonio, Texas. Now he’s back in Rochester while his son Jesus Enriquez attends college at MCC. Plans are for him to take over the restaurant when he graduates, and open additional locations around the area.

Mi Barrio offers the same fresh, homemade Mexican food as his former restaurant Paola’s.

Meat dishes and salsas are made from scratch, beans are cooked from dried beans, and guacamole is made fresh daily.

Mi Barrio’s menu features authentic Mexican fare in addition to burritos (which Arturo explains are actually Tex-Mex) including tamales, chili rellenos, tortas, tostadas, flautas and enchiladas. Their specialty is the giant one-pound burrito!

All menu items are eat-in or take-out.

Stop in and welcome Mi Barrio to Corn Hill, and enjoy some authentic Mexican fare, too!