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East versus West Tour—October 8

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Historical Map of Rochester, NY

Source: World Maps Online

In 1803, when Nathaniel Rochester and his partners bought a 100-Acre Tract of land at the Falls of the Genesee River, he foresaw economic opportunity by using the swift current to power mills along its west bank.

But his dream of establishing a village that would dominate the surrounding area was threatened when a group of merchants from Canandaigua began developing a 1,000 acre tract of land by the lower falls on the east side of the river—an enterprise that had numerous advantages over Rochester’s tiny village.

Today, we might be living in a city called Carthage if two engineering marvels hadn’t intervened, one successful and one disastrous.

CHNA Historian Jim DeVinney will lead this free tour starting at 10 a.m. on Saturday, October 8 at the Water Spirits sculpture where Plymouth Avenue meets Exchange.