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Corn Hill Neighbors Association Board Election on September 11, 2017

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Corn Hill Neighbors AssociationVoting for new members of the CHNA Board of Directors will take place at the General Meeting on Monday, September 11. The meeting will be held at the CHNA offices, 133 South Fitzhugh Street, lower level conference room, north entrance. Registration and voting take place from 5-7:30 p.m. The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. In case of a tie vote, a run-off ballot will be provided for those in attendance. Biographies of this year’s candidates can be found on pages 6 and 7 of this issue of the Gazette.

All Corn Hill residents and property owners are automatically members of the Corn Hill Neighbors Association (CHNA), but you must be registered to vote on issues presented during a CHNA general meeting, on the yearly budget, and for the board of directors. Once you are registered, your registration does not expire unless you cease to be a CHNA member.

To register, you must submit a completed voter registration form (see Registration/Proxy Form on page 5) along with proof of Corn Hill residency or ownership of Corn Hill property. Acceptable documentation includes your driver’s license, a billing statement, an envelope showing your name, address, and canceled stamp, or similar proof.

If you are unable to attend the general meeting, you can use the Voter Registration/Proxy Form (click link to download) and assign another registered member to vote for you. Forms are published in the September Gazette, and are available at all general meetings or at the CHNA office. You , or may also download the Voter Registration/Proxy Form.