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Corn Hill Evening at Rochester’s Lyric Theatre

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Rochester Lyric Opera - photo courtesy of Mark Druziak)

Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival 2015 in Lyric Theatre,  photo courtesy of Mark Druziak

Rochester Lyric Opera has extended a gracious invitation for Corn Hill neighbors to attend a preview event especially arranged for them on Saturday, September 19, from 5 to 7 p.m. in their new performance hall, Rochester Lyric Theatre at 440 East Avenue. Development Consultant Lauri Van Hise states, “Having had the opportunity to admire Corn Hill’s architectural heritage during its Holiday House Tours, I felt that the residents of Corn Hill would especially appreciate this architectural gem that is becoming Rochester’s newest concert venue.”

This “well-kept secret” to many of us did not escape the notice of George Eastman when it was built in 1915. It was obvious that this building, with its gilded Palladium ceiling, had been the inspiration for his Eastman Theatre when it opened in 1922. The Lyric Theatre’s $6.5 million renovation, slated to begin in January of 2016, will provide a main hall with an approximate seating of 900 as well as a Cabaret Theater area that will accommodate 150 patrons at tables. Already the venue has been the scene of performances for the 2015 Rochester Jazz Festival and will again be utilized during the upcoming Rochester Fringe Festival.

Members of the company will treat Corn Hill residents to a complete tour of the facility as well as to a sample of its amazing acoustics by offering a short performance. It is essential that those wishing to participate in this opportunity RSVP to CHNA President Rob Goodling by E-mailing: [email protected] no later than Wednesday, September 16.