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Corn Hill Doors Sculpture Coming This Spring

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Amelia Toelke Corn Hill DoorThe Corn Hill Arts Committee is proud to announce that a new sculpture will soon be added to our Corn Hill neighborhood.

The Arts Committee held a contest last fall, seeking submissions from many artists. The winning entry was submitted by Amelia Toelke, an award winning artist from Chatham, NY.

Amelia’s concept includes two identical doors, fashioned from tubular square steel, on a tiered steel platform. Each of the doors will be open, inviting neighbors and visitors alike to come into our Corn Hill home.

The steel will be powder coated to allow it to withstand our winter weather. The sculpture will be 10’ long, 6’ wide and 10’ tall.  It will be positioned on the South Plymouth Ave. median, west of Exchange Blvd., across from Panzari’s restaurant.

The sculpture will be fabricated by the Buffalo firm Thinking Outside the Square, the same company that created the swings recently installed in Lunsford Circle.

Arts Committee member Lew Jones accompanied Amelia Toelke in January on a road trip to Thinking Outside the Square to view a wooden model of the sculpture. The final sculpture, in steel, will be made to the same specifications as the model.

Look for this wonderful addition the Corn Hill neighborhood sometime in the early spring.


Visit Amelia’s Website; follow her on Instagram