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Corn Hill Community Vision Project Volunteer Form

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Corn Hill CharretteThe vision plan for Corn Hill, begun in the neighborhood Charrette, is complete. Thanks to the efforts of residents and the steering committee alike, we now have a broad overview of the changes and enhancements that people here in Corn Hill would like to see implemented. Although creating the vision plan was hard work, turning all those concepts into real –life accomplishments is where the REAL work lies. In order to do that, we need every available volunteer to rally to the cause. Tasks ahead of us range from short term, easily achievable goals such as increasing the amount of trash receptacles in the area ,to long range, complicated endeavors, such as redeveloping Corn Hill’s river front.

Get Involved in the Transformation of Corn Hill!

Please fill out the form below to be part of the teams that will drive the change in making Corn Hill the best neighborhood it can be.

Getting involved is the best way to have a say in the future of your neighborhood!