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Corn Hill Community Vision Plan

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Executive Summary

Corn Hill Community Vision PlanA community-based “Vision Plan” for the Corn Hill neighborhood was prepared by the RRCDC in collaboration with the Corn Hill Neighborhood Charrette Steering Committee. The following pages reflect the goals and ideas of community members for revitalization and enhancement of their neighborhood, the commercial district and the underdeveloped and underutilized areas surrounding the district, including the riverfront.

The primary recommendations in the plan are based on the following community driven Guiding Principles:

  • Make Corn Hill more attractive to visitors, residents, and business owners;
  • Foster standards for property development, improvement and maintenance;
  • Expand greenspace and art elements throughout the neighborhood;
  • Enhance the pedestrian experience;
  • Celebrate diversity and nurture an inclusive sense of community;
  • Economy serving community; community supporting economy;
  • Unlock neighborhood connections;
  • Protect, improve and utilize the river;
  • Preserve and promote our natural and historic treasures.

This Vision Plan incorporates ideas suggested by community members via community dialogue and the September 24, 2011 Corn Hill Neighborhood Community Design Charrette. There is strong community support for the enhancement of the public realm and the creation of a well-connected, pedestrian-friendly community.

The community review contained six focus groups:

  1. Perimeter/Gateways/Corridors
  2. Historic Area North
  3. Historic Area South
  4. River Corridor
  5. Upper Triangle (commercial and residential area of the northeast), and
  6. The Edge (structures on the perimeter)

Each focus area developed unique and detailed vision plans.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Enhancing gateways (signage, art, landscaping) as an invitation to the neighborhood; Enhancing infrastructure (bump-outs, narrowing some streets, consistent lighting);
  • Enhancing and expanding green space (upgrading existing areas, adding a dog park and/or a memory garden);
  • Increasing public art, including functional, i.e. benches, bus stops and decorative art in parks, walkways and riverwalk;
  • Developing the Riverwalk (pathways, lighting, art, entertainment and recreational opportunities);
  • Enhancing commercial development (repurpose apartments, boutique overlay, diversity in services);
  • Improving the quality and functionality of the corridors (bump-outs, narrowing some streets, adding a roundabout and pedestrian signals);
  • Calming traffic – again, narrowing some streets, adding pedestrian signals, marked crosswalks and stop signs;
  • Greening the streets (increasing tree lawns, adding trees, shrubs and foliage as barriers); Maintaining property (setting community standards, educating for responsible ownership);
  • Providing creative solutions for parking (shielding for parking lots, shared parking, use of civic parking for nights).

To download the entire vision plan, please visit

WARNING, the vision plan is a large file and may take some time to download.