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Corn Hill Arts Festival, 50 Years of Poster Art

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Corn Hill Arts Festival Book - 50 Years of Poster ArtPerhaps the most graphic way of reviewing the entire 50-year history of the Corn Hill Arts Festival is through an examination of its festival posters. CHNA’s newest book, Corn Hill Arts Festival, 50 Years of Poster Art, written by Corn Hill author Rob Goodling, contains full-page images of these posters along with fascinating interviews that offer insights into the minds of the artists who created these timeless works of art.

This beautiful book sells for $20 (tax included) and will go on sale March 11 at the CHNA 7 pm General Meeting in the conference room at 133 S. Fitzhugh Street (cash and checks only that evening). Author Rob Goodling will be present to sign books. Following this opportunity, books may be purchased at the CHNA office or online at