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Citizen Police Academy

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Rochester Police DepartmentChief of Police James M. Sheppard, announces the 20th Rochester Police Department Citizen Police Academy (CPA).

The CPA will commence on:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 and will run for approximately (10) consecutive Tuesdays, 6:00PM to 9:00PM.

Learn Rochester Police Department Policies and Procedures

The CPA program was established by the Rochester Police Department in 1992. The program was developed for members of the community to provide them a better understanding of police policies and procedures. CPA graduates will have the knowledge to educate other citizens. One objective of the academy is to show that working together toward common goals can make for a safer community. Attendees will have opportunities to offer comments and suggestions on police procedures and the police recruit curriculum. Up to 35 citizens can be enrolled in the program but 15-20 is the average class size.

“Community engagement is a major focus for the Rochester Police Department”

Chief Sheppard commented, “Community engagement is a major focus for the Rochester Police
Department. The Citizen Police Academy is another excellent way for RPD officers to engage residents. It brings the police and the community closer together in a setting that offers a sample of police training to each participant.”

Help improve police-community relations

The CPA instructors include experienced police trainers and operational personnel throughout the organization. Upon graduation, attendees will return to the community with greater knowledge and a unique perspective of the Rochester Police Department. This increased familiarity and interaction helps to improve police-community relations and recognizing the partnership between citizens and their police force.

Citizen Police Academy Training Location

Classes will be held at the Public Safety Training Facility, located at 1190 Scottsville Road.

Please contact your local Neighborhood Service Center (NSC) for an application.

Southwest NSC 428-7630 for Corn Hill Residents.