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CHNA By-Laws Revision

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New CHNA By LawsThe CHNA By-Laws Revision committee has completed their exhaustive work on changing our neighborhood association By-Laws in order to comply with the recent NY State NFP law changes and to be acceptable to apply for 501-C3 status.

Below is a summary of the changes as well as links to a “before and after comparison” as well as a “red-line strikethrough” version. Please note that changes have been to articles 7B (third paragraph), 11D, and 19A since their original posting to this site

Neighbors are requested to carefully peruse this revision and be prepared to ask questions and vote an approval at a General Neighborhood Meeting on Monday, December 14, 7:30 p.m. in the lower level conference room at 133 S. Fitzhugh Street.

Summary of Major Proposed Bylaws Revisions

  • Article 3: Objectives. Adds some reasons why the Corn Hill Neighbors Association (CHNA) exists.
  • Article 4: Membership. Eliminates the need for general members to register each year in order to become voting members. Once registered, you will remain a voting member until you are no longer a general member.
  • Article 5: Board of Directors. Provides for a range of 7 to 11 directors depending on how many are elected, rather than the range being set by the board. Requires board members to be voting members of the CHNA.
  • Article 6: Officers. Prohibits the CHNA board president from serving as an employee of the CHNA.
  • Article 7: Meetings. Specifies methods of notice of special meetings of the board and of the membership. Specifies methods of participation in board meetings. Provides that only voting members are entitled to notice of the Annual Meeting and of any other meeting at which action may be taken, and modifies methods of such notice.
  • Article 8: Quorum and Voting. Provides that written consent for the board to act without a meeting may be made by electronic means.
  • Article 9. Elections and Terms of Office. Eliminates the requirement that the board appoint a successor to any board member who cannot fulfull his or her term of office, but keeps its authority to do so.
  • Article 11: Finance. Clarifies the budget process.
  • Articles 12–14. Updates committee descriptions and charges. Changes the name of the Finance Committee to the Investment Management Committee.
  • Article 15: Bill of Rights. Allows a CHNA officer or director to initially contact a member by email in an attempt to consult with that member about a representation the CHNA will make before a public body or to a governmental agency regarding the condition of a member’s property.
  • Article 19: Investment and Other Funds. Places authority to disburse revolving loan funds in the Revolving Fund Committee rather than the board, which retains authority to approve the amount of funds designated.
  • Article 22: Dissolution. Gives the New York attorney general, as an alternative to a New York supreme court justice, the ability to determine what organization may receive a distribution of CHNA assets in the event of CHNA’s dissolution.

Again, links to view these changes online are: