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Candidates Sought for Election to 2018 CHNA Board

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The Ad-Hoc Nominating Committee will be seeking candidates for September’s election of board members. Elected directors serve two-year terms and play a vital role in the welfare of our community.

This year, five board positions are available. We would like to give a tremendous thank you to the current board members whose terms are concluding:

  • Janett Blake
  • Brad Forth
  • Rich Gardner
  • Tammi Patton
  • Jeff Rodgers

The committee will soon be contacting many Corn Hill neighbors, asking them to consider becoming candidates.

ALL Corn Hill neighbors including anyone who lives in or owns property in Corn Hill, are encouraged to become more involved in our association and to consider serving a term on our board.

More information will be coming soon. If you are interested or have questions, click here to “Contact Us”.

~ By Jeff Rodgers