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Bus Cubes are Coming to Corn Hill!

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rochester bus stop cube seats - Corn HillStarting April 29th you’ll notice brightly colored wooden cubes at nine different bus stops throughout the neighborhood. Part of an effort to encourage and improve the experience of taking public transit throughout the city, these cubes are an attractive and cost-effective means of providing seating at bus stops.

Credit goes to residents Meredith and Adam Smith for reaching out to Reconnect Rochester to start this process. With the generous support of CHNA and collaboration of committee members Nick Tamburrini and Bonny Mayer, Corn Hill now joins neighborhoods all across the city in hosting these unique examples of tactical urbanism.

Residents are welcome to join volunteers from Reconnect Rochester and city youth at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 29th at the Adams St. Recreation Center as we paint and place the Cubes, which will be available from May to October every year.

Neighbors and community members are encouraged to help us keep an eye on the Cubes and report any issues to [email protected].

Learn more about Bus Cubes and other efforts to promote multi-modal transportation at