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Birds of Corn Hill

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by Janet Mlinar of Edinburgh St.

The Corn Hill Photo Gallery has an exciting new section:

Birds of Corn Hill

Corn Hill Bird - Downy WoodpeckerIt started with 15 bird photos, but will grow to many more as our neighborhood feathered friends are caught on camera. We have placeholders for their awaiting images and your contributions to this growing photo album are welcome. The entire list consists of Birds actually seen in the Corn Hill neighborhood in 2011, but other birds can definitely be added.

Add Your Bird Photos

This project is ongoing. We welcome Bird photos from anyone in the neighborhood. If you have digital photos that you would like to share with your neighbors and the guests who visit our web site, please email [email protected].


Special thanks go out to those who answered the call placed in the January-February Corn Hill Gazette and Corn Hill Bird - Ring Billed Gullcontributed to this collection of Bird images so far, Chris PendersSteve BaldwinJoe Arena, and Ira Srole.

Another thanks to Claudia Bly, avid Birder, who notified me when birds appeared at her feeders. To Brian Bigda who helped with the placement on the web site and Rob Goodling who encouraged this entire effort.

Thank you to Conan O’Neil, Corn Hill Gazette Editor,  for the Birding article, photos and continued interest in this topic. To the Gazette photographer who coordinated and contributed images to this new adventure.

Corn Hill Birds - Canada Goose Gosling

Visit the Photo Album Often for Updates

Obviously, some of the listed birds have not made their way North yet, but they’ll be here soon. Again, any neighbor who is interested is encouraged to take some Bird photos and contribute to this project. It is an enjoyable and rewarding challenge.

View the current Birds of Corn Hill album here.