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Become a Corn Hill “Hydrant Hero” this Winter!

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Corn Hill Hydrant HeroWe all know that keeping our fire hydrants snow and ice free makes the job of our firefighters easier and saves precious minutes when an emergency arises. Shoveling the snow from around a hydrant only takes a few minutes, time well spent to save a home and possibly lives.

This winter, the Corn Hill Security Committee is launching the Hydrant Heroes program to help keep the fire hydrants throughout the neighborhood snow free.

If you would like to become a Hydrant Hero, please complete the form below or contact Security at [email protected] This will help us keep track of which hydrants are being maintained.

See which hydrants have already been adopted and which are available.

View the Hydrant Hero Map

  • Please describe the location of the hydrant you are adopting (nearest street address or specific description, e.g. north end of Avery Mall).