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Auditions for the Reliving Pythodd Celebration

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Pythodd Club Rochester, NY

Clarence Becton on drums plays the Pythodd Club in this circa 1961 photo. (Photo: ©Noal Cohen via

The Pythodd was a jazz club in the Corn Hill neighborhood that attracted big-name musicians like George Benson, Lionel Hampton, Duke Ellington, Pee Wee Ellis, Ray Bryant and Wes Montgomery as well as aspiring local talent like the Mangione brothers and Joe Beard. The Clarissa Street club was a vibrant part of a thriving neighborhood, a stop on the “jazz circuit.”

Searching for Corn Hill Stars to audition, residents past or present and or past relations or connections with the Pythodd. Audition location in Corn Hill. Details to follow. Please RSVP your interest to audition to Melissa Barrett at [email protected]. For more information call Vanessa and Michael Singer at 585-325-5539 or Michael Prior at 585-503-6053.

Winners will participate the next year September 2020 the Reliving Pythodd Celebration in 2020. Each applicant will get another opportunity to stardom at the day two jam session 2020 Pythodd celebration.

Also, collecting photos and memorabilia of any kind of the Pythodd. More details to follow.



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