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Adopt-a-Pot Signup

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adopt-a-pot programLast month’s Gazette described the Adopt-a-Pot program which the Beautification Committee is hoping to expand this spring to include at least another 12 pots throughout our neighborhood.

If you would like to be a part of this project, please complete the following form.

Yes, I’d like to Adopt-A-Pot in the Corn Hill Neighborhood, and I agree to plant and care for an assigned pot from late May through October 2013.
  • Pots, soil, and stones purchased by the Beautification Committee
  • Sites for pots determined by CHBC in accordance with the city guidelines for pedestrian safety
  • Pots will be set up and ready for planting by mid-May
  • A May weekend will be chosen for pick-up of flowers and accent plants at Avery Mall.
  • Joanie or Pete will contact you regarding your commitment, pot-site and flower pick-up.
  • Questions regarding the project and/or your commitment?
  • Email the Beautification Committee at: [email protected]

Thank you for Volunteering!