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ADOPT-A-POTFor the past 6 years, the Beautification Committee has sponsored a spring Adopt-A-Pot program, where neighbors care for matching flower pots placed throughout the streets of our neighborhood. The Committee plans to continue this project, but after 6 years of experience, we know where the most strategic pot placements are that make the greatest visual impact – and that is in our pocket parks, and on the corners of street intersections and entrances into Corn Hill.

In late May, the Committee will be planting about 2-dozen pots and placing them in Avery Mall and on the corners of our beautiful neighborhood. We are asking past participants as well as new volunteers for a commitment to care for these pots throughout the summer and fall. All you really need to do is water regularly!

We hope neighbors still enjoy the color these pots bring to our corners, and if you are interested in participating, you can contact us through the beautification committee email at [email protected].

We’ll be sure to find a flower pot for you to nourish! Just leave your name, address and contact information – preferably an email address – and one of the Committee members will get back to you.

Thanks to all past volunteers for making this such a successful beautification project. Our flower pots are like jewels that adorn our already charming neighborhood!