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24th Annual Clarissa Street Reunion

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24th clarissa st reunionThe 24th Annual Clarissa Street Reunion is Saturday, August 17, 2019. The reunion returns to Clarissa Street after being located at the Adam Street Recreation Center field the past two years.

The return to Clarissa Street will again position the neighborhood celebration on the once vibrant commercial corridor that was referred to as “Rochester’s Broadway”.

Please be aware of the following road closures and restrictions:

  • Tremont Circle North & South will be closed.
  • Edinburgh St. will be closed at the Clarissa St. intersection.
  • Dr. Samuel McCree Way will be open with traffic allowed to flow south on Clarissa St. There will be no northbound Clarissa St. traffic at the Clarissa St. & Dr. Samuel McCree Way intersection.
  • There will be no westbound Edinburgh St. traffic onto Clarissa St. at the Edinburgh St. & Clarissa St. intersection.
  • Adams St. will remain open throughout the reunion. Traffic will can proceed north on Clarissa at the intersection.

Click this link to view a layout of the festival. – 24th Clarissa St Reunion Map

For additional information, please visit the 24th Clarissa St Reunion website.