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2018 Corn Hill Neighbors Association Budget

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Corn Hill Neighbors AssociationThe Corn Hill Neighbors Association budget is the document that shows our priorities for the upcoming year. Each budget is created by soliciting committee budgets from each committee, administrative and special projects budgets from the president, and assembling these figures into an overall income/expense plan for the year. Through board discussion, changes and voting, the CHNA Board of Directors arrive at a proposed budget.

At the CHNA’s December Board meeting, the 2018 budget was approved by the current directors. The next step to reach final approval is presentation to and voting by neighbors at the Monday January 8 general meeting at 7 pm at 133 S. Fitzhugh St.

We encourage all Corn Hill residents to attend this important meeting so that you can have input on this significant issue which effects our entire neighborhood!

All residents of Corn Hill are eligible to vote but you must be registered. Voter registration forms are available at the CHNA office (133 S. Fitzhugh St.) or online by clicking here. Registration forms will also be available at the general meeting. (NOTE: If you registered to vote for any Corn Hill issue prior to this upcoming meeting, you can vote on January 8). If you are registered to vote but cannot attend the meeting, proxies are allowed. Click here to access a proxy ballot.

The CHNA Board of Directors wishes everyone Happy Holidays and looks forward to seeing our neighbors on January 8th.