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19th Ward Community Association House Tour

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19th Ward House TourDon’t miss this house tour on Saturday October 18 from 11am to 3 pm.

By most people’s reckoning it is the 38th tour sponsored by the 19th ward Community Association.

Co-chair Mitzie Collins guarantees that “This tour will surprise, enlighten, amuse and amaze you”. Co-chair Dewain Feller adds “If you have lived here for twenty-five years, or for just one year, there is something for you to find fascinating and intriguing in the five houses and two neighborhood landmarks that are featured.” There are buzzing bees, stalwart lions, a bronze dipped statue, an interior design based on fung sui, a school in a house and a lighting system turned on by cell phone. That short list is designed to whet your appetite for the creative lives and lifestyles of our 19th ward neighbors that will be on display. Headquarters for the tour is St. Monica’s Church, newly renovated to greet her second century. Come to the church at 10 am for a free talk on the theme of the tour, “Sustainability and Creativity.”

Both of these qualities are on display on the tour. You can purchase tickets ahead of the tour at the 19th ward Community Association Office for $10. All tickets the day of the tour are $12. In addition to showing off our neighborhood to ourselves as well as to the larger community, the House Tour has always been a major fund raiser for the Association.

We hope that members of the Community Association will invite friends from all over the city…indeed the entire region …to come and visit us. Engine 7 Firehouse is our other landmark on the tour. Have you ever wondered what the inside of a fire house would be like? Wonder no longer, as we will be invited in to see their remodeled quarters and meet the firemen on duty that day. A new feature this year is a special group rate for 10 or more tickets bought by October 10th.

The tickets, at $8 each, are sold as a group and are non-refundable. Co-chair Mitzie Collins comments “We hope to interest organizations to include the 19th Ward Community Association house tour as a club or church activity.“

There is still time to sign up to be a volunteer host at one of the houses. We are also encouraging folks to be Patrons of the tour. You get some very special perks, as well as recognition in the tour booklet that serves as a ticket.

For most information on hosting or being a patron please contact Mitzie Collins at 585-747 1219 or [email protected].