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Board of Directors

Every May a nominating committee solicits Corn Hill residents and property owners for individuals interested in serving on the Corn Hill Neighbors Association Board of Directors. Each year, elections are held for half the board seats and the term of office for those elected is two years. This process ensures that the board maintains a certain level of experience each year. New board members are elected at the September General Meeting and seated at the October Board of Director’s Meeting, when the board elects its Executive Committee of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The position of Assistant Treasurer does not need to be served by a board member and is appointed at this time.

49th CHNA Board of Directors, 2017 – 2018
President Jeff Rodgers
Past President Ex-Officio Rob Goodling
Vice President Ginny Browne
Secretary Nancy Bernola
Treasurer Bill Culley
Assistant Treasurer Joe Arena
Additional Members Rob Cain
Bob Conklin
Carolee Conklin
Jim DeVinney
Lew Jones
Ann Lewis
Marc Newman

2017-2018 CHNA Board of Directors

From left to right
Front row: Nancy Bernola (Secretary), Jeff Rodgers (President), Ginny Browne (Vice President), Bill Culley (Treasurer);

Back Row: Bob Conklin, Ann Lewis, Rob Goodling (Ex Offi- cio), Jim DeVinney, Carolee Conklin.

Missing from photo: Rob Cain, Lew Jones and Marc Newman.

Photo by Judy Ekberg.