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Contractor Special Permits

How to get special permits for contractors doing work on Corn Hill properties:

A Corn Hill property owner, individual or corporate, whose address may or may not be in Corn Hill, may obtain special Corn Hill parking permits on behalf of contractors working for them and parking on Corn Hill Streets affected by the program.

The property owner must supply:

  • Documentation showing ownership of property in Corn Hill.
  • Documentation showing the scope of work and the anticipated finish date.
  • Copy of driver’s license as proof of identity for the contact person/representative of the property owner requesting permits.
  • Copy of current driver’s license for each worker who will be driving a vehicle and parking in Corn Hill. Limit of five workers.
  • Copy of current registration for one vehicle per worker.
  • Copy of registration for one corporate vehicle. Corn Hill regulations state that, “shall only be valid for the parking of passenger cars and minivans designed and constructed so as to seat 9 person or fewer, not including the driver, and pick-up trucks and motorcycles. They shall not be valid for parking of over-sized vehicles such as campers, mobile homes, large trucks or tractor-trailer cabs and rigs.”
  • If all documentation is supplied, special permits will be issued, valid for one month and costing $12.00 each. It will take approximately a week after receipt of documentation for permits to be processed and mailed.

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