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Calling 311 or 911


Non-emergency city services

New garbage cans and recycling bins
Water bills
Abandoned vehicles
Dead animal pickup requests
Stray animals
Sidewalk repair requests
Snow removal/ street salting request
Request to cut high grass/weeds on city-owned property
Streetlight not functioning

Non-emergency public safety issues (happened more than 10 minutes ago)

Report stolen property
Report an act of vandalism
Report a car break-in
Property damage
Harassment, not an imminent threat
Neighbor problem: ongoing dispute, only 1 party present at the time
Customer needs to update a crime report or needs other information regarding a crime report


Emergency services county-wide

Motor vehicle accidents
Burglary in progress
Building/vehicle/home on fire
Medical emergencies
Loose pit bull

Emergency public safety issues (currently happening or within 10 minutes of call)

Property currently being stolen
Vandalism in-progress
Car is currently being broken into
Property is currently being damaged
Harassment: personal safety currently being threatened
Neighbor trouble, both parties present at the time
Reckless driving
Drug sales in-progress
Wanted criminal is known to be currently at a location