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Whittlesey Home 119 Tremont Circle

Whittlesey | Greek Revival with Lintels

Franklin Whittlesey was a real estate speculator who built and then lived in this home in the Whittlesey land tract.   The address was first Clay Street, then Tremont Street. […]

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Reynolds Fascher 149 South Fitzhugh

Reynolds-Fascher | Gothic Revival

This brick and stone home, with quoins, stone blocks at the corners, is one of just four Rochester structures built in the style of a late 19th century high Victorian […]

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Brennan Pearson 105 South Washington

Brennan-Pearson | Greek Revival

The land records indicate a smaller house on this lot in the 1830s, with an addition by Thomas Thorn in the late 1840s. Patrick Brennan, a tailor, lived here from […]

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Davis-Soper 400 Frederick Douglass

Davis-Soper | Mark IV Townhome

The neighborhood’s second rejuvenation took place in the 1980s.  Many old homes near the river were in such disrepair that they could not be salvaged and demolished.   Mark IV […]

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Hart Wiltsie 199 South Plymouth

Hart-Wiltsie | Second Empire

The French Second Empire home, built by Charles Hart for his daughter Harriet Hart Wiltsie in 1837.  The mansard roof was added in 1876. This style roof was considered very […]

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Fraver Townhome 187 South Fitzhugh

Fraver | Mark IV Townhome

The elegant townhouse replaced a home on the Montgomery Greens/Riley site, a Rochester housing tract. It is one of seven adjoining townhouses built in 1986 by Mark IV Construction. The […]

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