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Mark IV Townhouse/Simser Home

Mark IV Townhouse/Simser Home • Modern Townhome

This home was built in 1986 as part of the Mark IV Construction Company’s 20-year Corn Hill Project, which culminated in the build of Corn Hill Landing on Exchange Boulevard. […]

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Micelli Home corn hill holiday tour of homes

Mark IV Townhouse/Miceli Home • Modern Townhome

In 1982, Mark IV Construction Company completed the first phase of the Corn Hill Commons – the City’s first comprehensive housing development in 30 years. Land left vacant after urban […]

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Engels Randazzese home corn hill holiday tour of homes

Engels-Randazzese Home • Colonial

In 1985, this property was the only empty parcel left on Plymouth Circle. Many homes in this area had already been demolished as part of urban renewal. Corn Hill resident […]

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dixon home corn hill holiday tour of homes

Dixon Home • Victorian Bracketed

This home, which first appear on an 1851 map, is an example of Victorian bracketed architecture, with simple stone lintels and sills flanking windows and doors, and bracketed eaves. The […]

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Buell-Button House corn hill holiday tour of homes

Buell-Button House • Victorian Eclectic

Although a property plaque dates this house to 1850, there is evidence that early Rochester mayor Charles Hill built the front part of the home in 1840.  After 1850, the […]

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dr alice holloway young school of excellence rochester ny corn hill

Dr. Alice Holloway Young School #3

School Number 3 is one of Rochester’s oldest schools, first built in 1820, facing Tremont Street, when Rochester was only a village. It was rebuilt in 1840 and again in […]

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