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dr alice holloway young school of excellence rochester ny corn hill

Dr. Alice Holloway Young School #3

School Number 3 is one of Rochester’s oldest schools, first built in 1820, facing Tremont Street, when Rochester was only a village. It was rebuilt in 1840 and again in […]

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Fenner House/ Cornhill Bell Home (153 South Fitzhugh Street) Queen Anne - 1890 Corn Hill Holiday Tour of Homes

Fenner House/ Cornhill Bell Home ∙ Queen Anne

This classic Queen Anne House was built in 1890 by Edward Fenner, a lawyer, excise commissioner, and District Attorney General who resided here until 1907.  Luther McNeal, a clerk, and […]

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Fox House/Snyder-Phillips Home (18 Greenwood Street) Victorian/Eastlake - 1888 Corn Hill Holiday tour of homes

Fox House/Snyder-Phillips Home ∙ Victorian/Eastlake

This home is built in the Victorian/Eastlake style and first appears on an 1888 map marked “AE Fox.” Franklin Fox, the owner, was a wheelwright. The property was on land […]

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Dopp House/Schneider-Dobbs Home Corn Hill Holiday Tour of Homes

Dopp House/Schneider-Dobbs Home ∙19th Century Vernacular Cottage

This example of a 19th century vernacular cottage with Greek Revival features was originally located on Edinburgh Street, in danger of demolition.  Purchased by a Corn Hill neighbor, the house […]

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Mark IV Townhouse/Giles-Padilla Home Corn hill Holiday tour of homes

Mark IV Townhouse/Giles-Padilla Home ∙ Modern Townhome

In 1982, Mark IV Construction Company completed the first phase of Corn Hill Commons townhouses.  This was the City of Rochester’s first comprehensive housing development in 30 years and the […]

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17 Atkinson Street, Schoeniger House Corn Hill Holiday tour of Homes

Shaw House/Schoeniger Home ∙ Greek Revival

A Greek Revival house, the Shaw House has survived with much of its original exterior fabric intact. Built in 1837 by wealthy St. Louis fur trader Henry Shaw for his […]

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