Corn Hill Connection – Neighbors Helping Neighbors

~ By Janet Irwin

Corn Hill Connection Committee offers a wide range of interaction and needed assistance with our neighborhood. 

We reach out to new residents to Corn Hill and focus on welcoming them personally. We deliver Corn Hill goodies (tote bag, festival poster, etc.) and provide a packet of information about the neighborhood, including PAC-TEC, parking permits, Corn Hill Neighborhood Association Committees, and more. We meet with them and discuss various ways they may become involved in our community.  

In times of personal need, Corn Hill Connection is the supportive link between CHNA and our residents. During times of illness or surgical recovery, we speak with them or family in order to pinpoint needs our volunteers may provide; preparation and delivery of meals, help with grocery shopping and errands, provide transportation to medical appointments, performing small chores, and more.  

Our committee sends a personal note of congratulations, condolences, and more, acknowledging life-changing family events. 

Corn Hill has always had a reputation for being an active, involved community – something we’re all proud to be a part of.

Corn Hill Connection relies on you, our neighbors to volunteer and reach out to other neighbors in times of joy, illness, hardship, and sorrow. Please, if you’d like to share just a few moments of your time by helping neighbors in need, Corn Hill Connection is an ideal way to “give back” in helping to serve our community. Please join our list of Corn Hill volunteers, even if your time is limited. We guarantee you’ll gain much more than you’ll give! 

We ask that if you know of a neighbor in need, experiencing illness or loss please let us know:

In addition, we are always open for new committee members – we meet three or four times each year. For additional information, questions or volunteering, contact Janet Irwin – [email protected].

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