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Security Committee

Above all else, a neighborhood must be a safe place to live. Corn Hill gets a very high grade on safety. A major contributor to that record is our outstanding security committee of neighbors who address many aspects of security.

  • Chair: Pete Fraver
  • Assistant Chair: Brad Forth
  • Board Liaison: Joannie Fraver
  • Court Watch: Vacant
  • Police And Citizens Against Crime (PAC-TAC) Scheduler: Chris Zaremba
  • Rochester Correctional Facility Liaison: Rob Goodling
  • Security Equipment: Dion Doucet
  • Police and Citizens Interaction Committee (PCIC) Liaison: Ginny Browne

Meetings: Quarterly, the first Saturday of the month at 10 am
Contact: [email protected]


Police And Citizens Together Against Crime (PAC-TAC) is a joint effort between the Rochester Police Department and the residents of Corn Hill. Residents schedule convenient times to walk the neighborhood in teams of two. Wearing PAC-TAC jackets and police radios, they are additional eyes for the police department. The frequent presence of our teams on the streets in itself is a deterrent to crime.

To become a PAC-TAC volunteer, please fill out the RPD Volunteer Application Form and return it to the CHNA Office, 133 South Fitzhugh Street.

You will be contacted to schedule your PAC-TAC training once we receive your application.

Neighborhood Watch

At the heart of the CHNA Neighborhood Watch Program is a team of “Block Captains”committed to working with residents living on their block. These volunteersdisseminate pertinent security information, monthly crime statistics, sponsorthe annual “National Night Out” each August and maintain resident contactinformation for the neighborhood. You are urged to get in touch with the blockcaptain for your street and ensure they have your most current contact information.

To become a Neighborhood Watch Block Captain volunteer or to learn who your block captain is, please email [email protected] or call the Corn Hill Neighbors Association Office at 262-3142.

Court Watch

As the need arises, the court watch team is in touch with the district attorney’s office to follow criminal proceedings related to any neighborhood crimes. They attend court sessions and/or trials to observe proceedings, write letters to judges, attorneys and probation officers to oppose bail or plea bargains and to ensure appropriate sentencing for criminals who target or victimize Corn Hill. They also are in touch with Victims Assistance to lend support to neighbors who have been victimized and accompany victims to hearings and lend support when they are needed to testify.

Security Supplies

The association also provides, at no cost to residents, motion detector light systems, and steering wheel “Clubs” to deter crime.

Burglary Prevention Tips

Read some useful and easy to implement tips on keeping your house secure. Visit our list of Burglary Prevention Tips.