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Philanthropy Committee

Philanthropy is an important part of the Corn Hill Neighbors Association’s mission. Throughout our more than four decades of service to the Corn Hill community, thousands of dollars in grants, scholarships, and emergency relief funding have been given to a wide variety of organizations, individuals, and causes. Although contribution amounts have varied from time to time, the Corn Hill Neighbors Association, through its Philanthropy Committee, has donated more than $80,000 since the year 2000.

In addition to the dedicated efforts of the Philanthropy Committee, other CHNA projects, including food drives and holiday toy collections, have also contributed philanthropic assistance to the residents of Corn Hill as well as to the greater Rochester area.

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  • Chair: Lisa Gerst
  • Assistant Chair: Richard Sarkis
  • Board Liaison: Ginny Browne

Meetings: as needed
Contact: [email protected]