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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee keeps neighbors and residents informed of all the happenings and news in and around Corn Hill. This committee manages: The Corn Hill Gazette, Corn Hill’s websites, a monthly email newsletter, and social media.

The Corn Hill Gazette

The official printed communications media of the association is the Corn Hill Gazette. It is published ten times a year under the direction of the editor on the first of each month except January and March. It includes neighborhood and community news, association notices, articles and listings of local businesses and real estate. The Corn Hill Gazette takes no paid advertising, is professionally printed and is mailed to each Corn Hill residence. There is no charge for Corn Hill residents.

Non Corn Hill residents may subscribe to the Corn Hill Gazette for $25/yr. Make check payable to Corn Hill Neighbors Association and mail to 133 S. Fitzhugh Street, Rochester, NY 14608.

Click here to download the latest Corn Hill Gazette, or download a previous Gazette from the archives below:

To view earlier issues, please contact [email protected].

Corn Hill Websites, Newsletter and Social Media


Email Newsletter

The Corn Hill Neighbors Association emails a monthly newsletter that recaps news and information as well as reminders about upcoming events. Click here to join the newsletter.

Social Media

Corn Hill

Corn Hill Arts Festival

Communications Contact Information

  • Gazette Editor: Jim DeVinney
  • Assistant Gazette Editor: Richard Link
  • Website Editor: Brian Bigda
  • Social Media: Nancy Bernola (Corn Hill)/Vacant (Arts Festival)
  • Historian: Jim DeVinney
  • Photography Assistant: Jim DeVinney
  • Board Liaison: Keith Davis

Would You Like to Contact the Communications Committee?

Please contact us via our online form.