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Corn Hill Board of Directors’ Election

Vote CHNA Board ElectionExercise Your Right to Vote! Voting is more important now than ever and the Corn Hill Neighbors’ Association is making it very easy for each of you to register and vote in this year’s Board of Directors’ Election.

Seven outstanding Corn Hill neighbors are on the ballot for six board positions. Candidates’ names, pictures and biographies can be found below by Clicking Here and in the September issue of the Gazette.

To vote you MUST BE registered as a Corn Hill resident.

All Corn Hill residents and property owners are automatically members of the Corn Hill Neighbors Association (CHNA), but you must be registered to vote on issues presented during a CHNA general meeting, on the yearly budget and for the Board of Directors. Once you are registered, your registration does not expire unless you cease to be a CHNA member.

How to Register:

To register, you must submit a completed Voter Registration Form [Click to Download] along with proof of Corn Hill residency or ownership of Corn Hill property. Acceptable documentation includes your driver’s license, a billing statement, an envelope showing your name, address, and cancelled stamp, or similar proof.

Where to Register and Vote:

You will have 3 opportunities to REGISTER and VOTE this year.  Registration and voting will be held at each of the remaining Gazebo concerts and on September 14 at Adams Recreation Center.

To register, please bring TWO forms of identification with you showing you are a resident or owner of Corn Hill property.

  • August 23, 4 pm-7 pm at the Gazebo Concert at Lunsford Circle
  • August 30, 4 pm-7 pm at the Gazebo Concert at Lunsford Circle
  • September 14, 5 pm-7pm at Adams Street Recreation Center

Voter Registration Proxy Forms:

Absentee ballots are not permitted. If you are unable to attend the September General Meeting, you can use the “Voter Registration PROXY” form and assign another registered member to vote for you.

Voter Registration Proxy Forms [Click to Download] are available on the Corn Hill website.

Meet the 2020 CHNA Board Candidates

Ginny Browne

Ginny BrowneI have lived in Corn Hill since 1981, when I purchased and restored an 1892 house that had been transplanted from Genesee Street to Corn Hill.

Over the years, I have participated in many neighborhood activities including:

  • Corn Hill Neighbors Board of Directors.
  • Corn Hill Arts Festival
  • Festival Management Team – Street Manager chair
  • Security Committee and PAC_TAC.
  • Philanthropy Committee
  • Holiday House Tour Guide and homeowner host.

I remain committed to maintaining the quality of life that makes Corn Hill a unique and special place to live.

If elected, I will continue to participate in projects that ensure this neighborhood remains an interesting and vibrant place to live.

Joe D’Angelo

Joe D'AngeloThere is something about Corn Hill’s historic and residential charm that has kept me interested in its roots and always eager to explore it more. Walking the streets of Corn Hill regularly, I not only see the benefits its residents enjoy but also the challenges it faces. Hello! I’m Joe, I hope to be elected to the CHNA Board as an at-large member. I’ve been a Corn Hill resident and homeowner for multiple years and am happy to call this neighborhood my home.

Having had the pleasure to serve on a handful of organizational boards, including two local ones: Cornell Club of Rochester and the Young Lawyer’s Section of the Monroe County Bar Association, I understand the rigors of bettering a community through democratic action and deliberate discourse. As a New York State licensed business and corporate attorney, I deal with the problems business owners face daily. As an example of where I can help the Community and the Board, the progress on the Roc the Riverway project will bring an influx of contractors and City officials to the Corn Hill area, I hope to help by using my experience in construction law to bridge any gap between the Board and the project’s advancement and look out for the best interests of the Community.

I enjoy crafting creative solutions to abstract problems and keeping their businesses running smoothly so that they can focus on what really makes them happy, skills that I believe can really help the community here in Corn Hill. With a deeply analytical mind I will bring a practical but well-thought out approach to not only common but complex problems the Corn Hill neighborhood faces.

Keith Davis

Keith DavisI’m originally from Columbus, Ohio. I moved to Upstate NY in 2008 after completing graduate school and lived in Oswego, NY for about 8 years before coming to Rochester! My first apartment here in Rochester just happened to be in Corn Hill. After a year here my partner, Sean, and I decided to buy our home here. We love the neighborhood and its proximity to downtown.

I work in the field international education and currently work at SUNY Brockport as an Associate Director for International Recruitment and Campus Support. I chose this field because I have always been passionate about experiencing other cultures and viewing the world from a different perspective. My role now allows me to welcome students from all over the world, just like I was welcomed when I studied abroad as a college student – and I love it!

Since moving to the neighborhood, I have volunteered for several neighborhood cleanup days and the art festival. I also volunteer for the neighborhood PAC-TAC and the Corn Hill Commons HOA. I would love to become more involved in the neighborhood and give back to this awesome community.

Henry McCartney

Henry McCartneyHenry McCartney currently serves as CHNA’s Treasurer.  He retired in 2012 after a long career in historic preservation.  He was executive director of the Landmark Society from 1984 to 2005 and directed Preservation Buffalo Niagara from 2008-2012.  Earlier in his career, he directed a neighborhood preservation organization in Jacksonville, Florida and worked at the National Trust for Historic Preservation to support neighborhood organizations across the country.  

In 2012 he returned to Rochester to retire. In addition to serving of the CHNA board, he has focused on the Corn Hill riverfront and worked on the application that qualified CHNA as a charitable organization.  He is also a member of Corn Hill Navigation that is working to base a new passenger boat in Corn Hill.

Deborah Onslow

Deborah OnslowI am interested in running for the Board of Directors of the CHNA.

I am a retired public broadcasting executive.  My career started at WXXI.  I have many years of experience of serving on a variety of non-profit boards.I moved to the neighborhood last year.  I love living here and believe that we have a wonderfully unique place to live…one that deserves care and protection.  I currently serve on several neighborhood association committees including philanthropy, beautification, outreach as well as the subcommittee planning a butterfly garden. If elected to the Board, I will do my best to help preserve and promote our great community.

Tammi Panton 

Tammi PantonI have been married to my husband Andrew for 16 years and we have lived in Corn Hill for approximately 15 years. We reside in a home that has been in my family since 1959.  Our greatest blessing is our nine-year old son, Elijah.  

I have a B.S. degree in criminal justice, and own a non-emergency medical transportation company, Eli Transportation, LLC which was established in 2015.   I am also a member of Jack and Jill of America, Inc., Rochester Chapter, and Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church.

Over the years, I have participated in a variety of neighborhood activities including: Corn Hill Neighbors Board of Directors, Philanthropy Committee, Corn Hill Arts Festival, and Holiday House Tour Guide.

I am excited to run again for the Corn Hill Neighbors Association Board.  If elected to the board, I will take initiative, show leadership, and share my talents and skills to contribute to the continued growth of this wonderful community.   I absolutely love this neighborhood and its residents and will work to ensure it remains welcoming and vibrant to all!

I would be honored to earn your vote in September, to serve as an active member of the board.

Rohan Parikh

Rohan ParikhI would be happy to be considered to join the Corn Hill Neighborhood Association. I am new to the neighborhood and as a person of color in my early thirties renting in Corn Hill, I believe I can provide a unique perspective as a board member.

I have a background building capacity for nonprofit organizations and as a grassroots organizer in progressive politics, as well as experience in advocacy and community engagement. I bring a passion for historic preservation and deep interest in livable, walkable communities connected across race and class.

I was a member of The Harley School community for the past three years, where I served as Director of Development for Horizons at Harley, a summer learning program for RCSD students. Before moving to Rochester, I worked at Parks & Trails New York in Albany, helping drive advocacy to close the gaps in the Erie Canalway Trail by coordinating Cycle the Erie Canal, an eight-day 400-mile bike tour from Buffalo to Albany. My current role is as Office Manager for Partners in Restorative Initiatives, which has been a leader in providing training in restorative practices to schools across Rochester.

I grew up in the Hudson Valley and am excited about food, film, photography, and cycling. I live on Tremont Circle with my partner, an emergency medicine resident at the University of Rochester, and two cats she adopted in Brazil.