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Corn Hill Community Charrette – September 24th

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Post submitted by Bony Mayer of Atkinson St.

Who should attend the Corn Hill Charrette?

If you rent, own property, use services, provide services, worship, use the Adam Street Community Center or Nathaniel Rochester City School or for any reason you have an interest in the public space of Corn Hill,

Why you should attend the Corn Hill Charrette

If you are concerned about safely crossing the street or just walking the streets, would like to see our common green space with welcoming sitting spaces, well-tended growing plants and trees, would like to see unique but historically appropriate functional art or art for art’s sake, if you are concerned about the deterioration of Corn Hill property, are concerned about zoning issues, lack of support services such as stores or small shops, if you live on the edge of the community and are concerned about safety, the flood plain, home safety, or if you want a usable and visible riverfront,

What is the Corn Hill Charrette?

The Corn Hill Charretteis a full day planning meeting where trained design professionals work with small groups to lead us through a process to design our community’s physical future, from bushes to taming the roads.

When/Where will the Corn Hill Charrette Take Place?

One Favor Street

The Corn Hill Charrette will start at 8:00AM with registration and refreshments and work through the afternoon – lunch is provided. Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring your ideas and energy.

One Favor Street – the former RIT Student Union – Vineyard Church and now the home of Youth for Christ. It will hold 600 people so, there is a place for you!
(handicap entrance by Skating Rink (See entrances below.)
Ample parking.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in planning your public space and helping to plan the future of our historic neighborhood.