Brian O’Neill Passes the Paintbrush

Corn Hill resident, Brian O’Neill’s work has been showcased in galleries across The U.S, Canada, Japan, and England.

Brian has found success in oil realism with still life and figurative work as well as bold, loose abstract painting. His dynamic and expressive Contemporary Landscape work explores the natural world around us through the use of horizon, air, fire, water, texture and luminous metal gold and silver leaf. The source of inspiration for both representational and abstract begins in the same place. Many collectors and admirers of O’Neill’s work are amazed to discover that the same artist has created a classic realism painting as well as a contemporary abstract and are fascinated that an artist can do both.

Brian is a sought-after instructor who teaches abstract and representational workshops and private students in his Rochester, NY studio located in the historic Hungerford Building.

Awakening by Brian ONeill
AWAKENING – Brian O’Neill

Brian was recently featured in Rochester CITY Newspaper

Combining these two styles — abstract and realism — onto one canvas earned O’Neill second place recently in the International Guild of Realism Fall Salon Exhibition. His award-winning work, “Awakening,” depicts a woman rising from slumber, mid-stretch under a cascade of blonde tresses and peacock feather-printed bed clothes. She looks away into a dark room, and her image is framed with bits of silver leaf that glitter on the edges of the scene in a way that suggests reality is slipping away.

O’Neill has a thriving studio practice in which he paints what he wants to paint, is represented by galleries across the country, accepts commissions, and teaches other students the skills of seeing deeply and replicating what they see.

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