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spirit of the pythodd jazz club, rochester, ny, corn hill

Spirit of the Pythodd

Rochester was a great place for someone hip to jazz in the mid-twentieth century. The city had six jazz clubs simultaneously in operation in the 1950s —the Cotton Club, Otmen’s, […]

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aspca summer dog

ASPCA Summer Heat Guidelines

We all love spending sunny summer days outdoors with our furry companions, but it is important to protect pets from the dangers of overheating. Here are some tips from the […]

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clarissa st

Clarissa Street

Clarissa Street is one of Corn Hill’s most historic and oft-changed streets. Originally named Caledonia Avenue by Corn Hill’s early Scottish settlers, in 1844 the southern portion of this street […]

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67 atkinson st

Third Ward

Corn Hill’s Third ward traits would be incomplete without mention of Third ward characters. There is a list of them long enough to fill a story book, if one dared […]

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the elks club corn hill

The Elks Club

Since the early 1900s, the Elks Club was a Corn Hill mainstay. Located in a converted house at 285 Clarissa Street, Elks Lodge #91 Flower City Chapter and Eldorado Temple […]

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avery mall fridays corn hill

Ralph Avery Mall

Corn Hill is Rochester’s oldest residential neighborhood, long known as “The Third Ward.” Flour millers and merchants built impressive homes during Rochester’s first growth after the building of the Erie […]

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