Adopt-A-Pot Volunteers–thank you!

~ By Joanie Fraver

In a few short weeks, the beautiful flower pots that have graced our neighborhood will be put to “sleep” for the winter months. How quickly spring and summer pass by

Our community owes a big thank you to all of the neighbors who faithfully watered their adopted flower pots this summer—they were lush and colorful and added a touch of class to Corn Hill! Don’t know how many of you noticed, but we even had a pumpkin vine growing from one of our pots. (No one knows how it got planted!)

Grateful thanks to:

  • Jared Weise
  • Liz Wanamaker
  • Nick and Ann Tamburrini
  • Chris McCormack
  • Stu Levy
  • Robert Galloway
  • Andi Kopf
  • Richard Sarkis
  • Sean Soper and Keith Davis
  • Bill Belecz and Chris Penders
  • Gail Kelly and Anita Hansen
  • Mara Fernandez
  • Bruce Cook
  • Deborah Onslow
  • Joyce Steel and Adam Joachimiak
  • Amy Gorsline
  • Kevin Campbell
  • Carolanne Smith
  • Nikki Haynesworth

And a HUGE thank you to Pete Fraver for distributing all of the pots and for his meticulous maintenance of Avery Mall all spring and summer.

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